Our Services

We provide objective and comprehensive evaluations to ensure fair determination of accident benefits entitlement providing individuals with the support and compensation they deserve based on their unique circumstances and injury impact.

  • Assessing eligibility for non-earner benefits based on medical condition and ability to engage in normal activities and employment.


  • Determining eligibility for pre-104 income replacement benefits by evaluating the impact of injuries on pre-accident income and work capacity.


  • Assessing eligibility for post-104 income replacement benefits considering ongoing effects on earning capacity after the specified period.


  • Evaluating the need for assistance with daily activities and functional limitations to determine eligibility for attendant care benefits.


  • Assessing medical needs, treatment plans, and potential for recovery to determine eligibility for medical and rehabilitation benefits.


  • Evaluating the impact of injuries on the ability to perform household tasks to determine eligibility for housekeeping benefits.


  • Assessing the need for ongoing care and assistance for dependents to determine eligibility for caregiver benefits.


  • Identifying individuals with catastrophic impairments based on comprehensive assessments of physical and cognitive functioning for enhanced benefits and coverage.


Comprehensive File Review Assessment by Medical Doctor:

Our experienced medical doctors conduct a thorough examination of medical files and records to provide a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s condition ensuring all relevant information is considered.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Our specialized psychiatrists assess and diagnose mental health condition providing expert insights into the individual’s psychological well-being potential impacts on daily functioning, and appropriate treatment recommendations.

Psychological Evaluation

Our skilled psychologists evaluate cognitive and emotional functioning, helping to identify any psychological factors that may be influencing the individual’s condition and offering valuable insights for treatment planning

Orthopedic Evaluation

 Our orthopedic specialists evaluate musculoskeletal injuries and conditions providing expert opinions on the diagnosis prognosis and appropriate treatment options for individuals dealing with bone joint or soft tissue issues.

Neurological Evaluation

Our neurologists conduct comprehensive assessments of the nervous system including the brain spinal cord and peripheral nerves to diagnose and evaluate conditions such as strokes seizures neuropathy and other neurological disorders.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

Our neuropsychologists assess cognitive functions, including memory, attention, language, and problem-solving abilities, to identify any neurological impairments and provide insights into the individual’s cognitive abilities and limitations.

Physiatry Evaluation

Our physiatrists specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation, providing assessments and recommendations for individuals with functional limitations chronic pain or disabilities, focusing on maximizing their independence and quality of life.

Optometry Evaluation

Our optometrists assess visual acuity eye health and visual processing skills to diagnose and manage eye conditions providing recommendations for corrective lenses or other interventions to optimize visual functioning.

Neuro-Optometric Evaluation

Our neuro-optometrists evaluate visual issues related to neurological conditions or injuries offering specialized assessments and treatment options to address visual deficits that may impact daily activities and overall well-being.

Neuro-Physiatry Evaluation

Our neuro-physiatrists specialize in the rehabilitation of individuals with neurological impairments offering comprehensive evaluations and recommendations for optimizing physical functioning and promoting recovery

Future Care/Life Cost Evaluation

Our experts assess the long-term care needs and associated costs for individuals with complex medical conditions providing invaluable information for insurance claims legal proceedings and financial planning.

Labour Market Re-Entry Evaluation

Our evaluations assess an individual’s capacity to return to the labor market following an injury or illness considering their functional abilities vocational skills and job prospects to provide recommendations for re-entry into suitable employment.

Employability and Vocational Evaluation

Our vocational experts assess an individual’s employability transferable skills and vocational limitations, providing valuable insights for career planning job placement and rehabilitation programs.

Multidisciplinary Evaluation

Our team of experts from various medical disciplines collaborate to provide a comprehensive evaluation considering the individual’s physical psychological and cognitive factors ensuring a holistic understanding of their condition and treatment needs

Other Services

Our medical management services involve coordinating and overseeing the individual's medical treatment ensuring optimal care and facilitating their recovery process.

We provide supplementary reports that further elaborate on specific aspects of the evaluation offering additional insights and clarifications to support legal claims insurance proceedings or treatment planning.

Our experts are available to provide expert witness testimony, utilizing their specialized knowledge and experience to offer professional opinions and support legal proceedings in relevant cases.